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Multifunctional Car Detailing Brush Window Breaker Tire Cleaning Hook

Multifunctional Car Detailing Brush Window Breaker Tire Cleaning Hook

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Multifunction Car Cleaning Tools - In this car cleaning kit one end is a cleaning brush, and the other end is the tire cleaning hook and window breaker tools, which increases the practicability of the product
How to use - Put the car detailing brush into a dust place and take away dust with just one swipe, cleaning brush is designed to clean car air vents, steering wheels, console panels, storage bins, dashboards, and other hard-to-reach spaces
Emergency car safety tool - The window breaker made of high-grade carbon steel is very sharp and easy to break out the window for life-saving. hit preferably one of the corners of the window for a better result
Gadget Big Safeguard - The tires make abnormal noise while driving, and the gravel is the culprit, gravel can cause our tires to crack and break, regular use tire cleaning hook cleaning of tire gravel will effectively extend the service life of tires

Product information:

Material: aluminum+ABS+alloy PC
Color: dark green, gray
Name: Multifunctional automobile cleaning brush
Type: car wash brush
Size: 2.2 * 2.6 * 17.2cm

Packing list:

Cleaning brush*1

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