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Car Underglow Light Flexible Strip LED Underbody Lights Remote

Car Underglow Light Flexible Strip LED Underbody Lights Remote

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  • 1. SOUND ACTIVE- The LED under-car glow system is equipped with sound sensors that let the LED lights synchronize with the music beat. The LED music light strip follows the beat and adjusts flashing to fit the strength of the sound.

  • 2. MUSIC DECORATION- The Kit is designed to be simple; yet also provides elegance inside the car when driving at night or enjoying music. And because it has a sound sensor; the under-car glow system synchronizes with the music beat.

  • 3. PREMIUM QUALITY- It can be bent; fold; wound and fixed in place easily; perfect for under wheel arches; around the front grille; under foot-wells; in the trunk; along the dash; etc.

  • 4. MULTI-COLORS- The LED under-car glow system produces multi colors which are Blue; Green; Purple; Red; Teal; White; and Yellow. The under-car glow system has also fifteen(15) color flashing modes; perfect for synchronizing with the beat of the music.

  • 5. BRIGHT COLOR- The LED under-car glow system lights up colorful colors to give a stylishly stunning look to the areas you may want to put them on. Even though they're really bright; they're great power savers so you don't have to worry about energy consumption.


  • Voltage: DC10V~15V

  • LED type: 5050 SMD

  • Material: High-quality PVC Rubber

  • Light Color: RGB Multi-Colors

  • Length of tube: 2x90CM(36")+2x60CM(24")

  • Phone App remote control patterns

  • Sound Active Effects

Package included:

2x 36 inches (90cm) waterproof LED tubes

2x 24 inches (60cm) waterproof LED tubes

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